Cloud ERP Software based on AccountingGuru.

Businesses needs to flourish. There is no one common software for all and for an everything. The team at Veersoft Solutions caters to specific business needs based on our home grown and cloud based AccountingGuru platform. Our customers feel and appreciate the simplicity in the AccountingGuru modules.

Best Fit Online ERP system

Your cloud ERP system (Enterprise Resouce Planning) based on AccountingGuru offers a wide range of benefits beyond what an online ERP software can provide like scalability and robustness

Cloud ERP system that Best suits for SMB.

AccountingGuru platform is based on latest Google Cloud Platform technologies.We constantly enhance, upgrade and adapt to the Google Cloud technologies.Adapting to the Google Cloud technologies, you can depend on the Google Cloud datastore (nosql based database) and the related cloud technologies for your growing business needs and growing number of users using the online ERP software.

Easy Extension of User Permissions and controls.

The ERP components for your growing business can be easily developed and tested. The controls and permissions required for an online ERP software can be easily captured.

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